Vacations Are Necessary

I’m in bed and decided to capture a few quick thoughts as I begin recovering from my recent visit to the gorgeous city of San Francisco. I’m lying here in that dreamlike state between vacation and reality and I’m not sure I ever want this feeling to stop.

I’m still high on all the positive and mentally refreshing things that I achieved on this vacation: Outside of a few quick phone calls, I was able to disconnect myself from work. I spent an entire day walking and experiencing the city by myself. I took pictures. I ate amazing food every day. I watched two very powerful and moving documentaries. I laughed a lot. I hung out with two of the greatest friends a guy could have. I had great conversations. I drank good beer. I did all these things and more. I feel refreshed.

I’m excited to process all my photographs and share them. I think I have a couple of good ones.

This vacation was long overdue. I’m so glad I was fortunate enough to take it. It could not have come at a better time.

This was a pretty powerful vacation and I’m excited to see the long term effects of it. I think I would like to spend some more time in SF. Maybe live there. We’ll see what happens when reality sets back in. Until then…