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Late January Update

Generally, I’ve been pretty busy lately. I wanted to take a minute to document some of the things I’ve been doing and thinking about lately.

My main priority right now is tackling as much client work as I can. I’ve been working with a couple of really great companies; Real Art (Dayton) and Touchstone Group Associates (Cincinnati). I also have a few independent clients that I’m working with also. I have a great mix work including web and motion design.

I recently filed paperwork (again) to from an Ohio LLC for my company, Building 13. I’ve also sent in paperwork to register a few additional spellings – “Bldg13” and “Building Thirteen.”

One of my roommates took a job in Chicago and will be vacating his room. Instead of looking for another roommate, I’ll be taking over his portion of the rent and his room as an office. My office has been in a corner of the dining room. Having an entire room for an office will be a much needed upgrade.

To relax on most week nights I play Call of Duty with friends. Then, later on, I sit in bed with my laptop trying to learn Ruby on Rails. I have big plans.

Thursday evenings are rec. league basketball. We are currently 5-0.

My to-do list:
Update and consolidate my online portfolio
Building 13 business cards (and stationary)
Create an about Building 13 video
Start a podcast (maybe more than one)
Take and publish more pictures

Things I’ve been enjoying:
Bracketface (Taylor, my girlfriend)
5by5 (specifically, Back to Work and Hypercritical)
Greyscale Gorilla
Daring Fireball (as always)
Cold War Kids (new album)
Adele (new album)


Great Expectations

One of the great things about blogging (especially as an unestablished blogger) is that you can write without feeling like it needs to be the quintessential post about a topic. It’s not a book. It’s not written in stone. You can always add to or better define your thoughts about that topic in a future a post.

I need to do a better job at understanding this. Too often I think about something I want to write about but fail to follow through due to my own unreasonable expectations of establishing complete domination of a topic in one short essay.

PS. I hate the terms blog, blogging, blogger, podcast & podcaster. But they are all things I plan on doing more of.

Taylor Vaca, A Playlist

Just before Taylor went on family vacation I told her I’d make her a playlist to take with her. What she didn’t know was that I really created it for me. I needed something to keep me satisfied until she came home. And for some reason good music helps when she is away.

For every trip she’s taken, I associate a song, album, or in this case, a playlist, to the time spent apart.

I’m glad you’re back babe.

iTunes link (partial playlist) here

Vacations Are Necessary

I’m in bed and decided to capture a few quick thoughts as I begin recovering from my recent visit to the gorgeous city of San Francisco. I’m lying here in that dreamlike state between vacation and reality and I’m not sure I ever want this feeling to stop.

I’m still high on all the positive and mentally refreshing things that I achieved on this vacation: Outside of a few quick phone calls, I was able to disconnect myself from work. I spent an entire day walking and experiencing the city by myself. I took pictures. I ate amazing food every day. I watched two very powerful and moving documentaries. I laughed a lot. I hung out with two of the greatest friends a guy could have. I had great conversations. I drank good beer. I did all these things and more. I feel refreshed.

I’m excited to process all my photographs and share them. I think I have a couple of good ones.

This vacation was long overdue. I’m so glad I was fortunate enough to take it. It could not have come at a better time.

This was a pretty powerful vacation and I’m excited to see the long term effects of it. I think I would like to spend some more time in SF. Maybe live there. We’ll see what happens when reality sets back in. Until then…