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Waiting for Apple

It’s the day before Apple’s WWDC begins and the rumors are a flyin’. Everything from Retina display MacBooks to a new iPhone 5 with a 4″ 16:9 display are being tossed around.

The one that has me really curious is the possibility of the current Apple TV (only 4 months old) getting a software update to allow for 3rd party apps. As I posted back in March, the current software is certainly reminiscent of the iPhone back in 2007 with it’s apparent room for more apps. But what types of apps would find themselves at home on a Apple TV?

As a cable cutter, I would love to see networks like HBO and ESPN to distribute their content directly to consumers through the Apple TV. But those are deals that Apple would have to secure and would be of little interest to discuss at the their developer conference. I can imagine the Apple TV becoming a gaming platform, similar to how the iPhone and iPod Touch have become some of the most popular mobile gaming devices. After all, the Apple TV does run a version of iOS.

But how would you play games on the Apple TV with just the current remote? It’s plausible that you could use an iPhone, iPod Touch or an iPad as a controller. But it’s interesting that the newest Apple TV has built in Bluetooth 4. Will Apple sell a Bluetooth controller? Who knows but I thought it would be fun to add to the rumor mill with a quick mockup of what an Apple TV Bluetooth 4 controller might look like.

Apple TV Bluetooth 4 Controller?

The future for the Apple TV


When you scroll all the way down on the new Apple TV interface, I’m reminded of iOS as it was back in 2007 (called iPhone OS back then) with noticeable room for more apps. Is this a sign that Apple will open the device up to 3rd party developers? Will this device continue to evolve into a legit replacement for cable tv?

Perhaps I’m just reading way too much into this, but I did find it interesting when Tim cook said, “…and I encourage you to do so” after mentioning the ability to pre-order the new Apple TV the same day of the keynote. Perhaps these 3rd party apps will only work on the newer Apple TV.

I also find it curious that Vimeo and Radio do not have the same reflection under the icon as the other apps do. The top row of apps do not have reflections either but I would guess that has to do with the background that they sit on.